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Environmental Worker

All-inclusive client liability protection is our goal, with an exceptional standard of care that is applied to every project, big or small.  If recognized environmental conditions (RECs) are identified, we design the most cost effective and appropriate Phase II ESA to protect our clients from unnecessary risk.  BarrCrest has access, through joint venture client services, to state-of-the-art equipment to minimize disruption of business, efficient data collection, while offering more flexibility and cost reduction to our clients. All reports and findings are confidentially retained in our electronic archive library for future client support.

Proper sampling methods are imperative. Utilizing the proper sampling equipment and decontamination techniques, BARR ensures that no cross contamination will occur. Without exception, only properly trained and HAZWOPER 40 Hour certified staff conduct sampling.

Soil samples collected during drilling of activities are characterized under the Unified Soil Classification (USCS). An on-site Photoionization Detector (PID) analysis of the vapors present in the head space of the samples can give an initial indication of volatile organic contamination.  BarrCrest utilizes this field test, as well as visual and olfactory methodologies, to aid in selecting the proper samples for chemical analysis.


  • Soil Borings and Sampling

  • Petroleum Underground Storage Tank Investigations

  • Groundwater monitoring and sampling

  • Groundwater monitoring well installation

  • Geophysical and magnetometer surveys

  • Soil vapor investigations

  • Lead in drinking water sampling

  • Underground Injection Control investigations; including floor drains, storm drains and septic systems

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